How to be successful? The key things you must know about.

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Alright, well everyone wants to be successful. At least, that is what I think. So, what does it take to be successful. Now, a lot of people spend huge amount of time trying to learn how to be more successful. People attend tonnes of seminars, spend hours reading books, etc just to gain a little bit extra knowledge on how to become more successful. Well, it is correct to do so but at times such activities can give the impression that success is a very hard thing to obtain. At times, this notion is what keeps a lot of people from achieving goals that they feel are too hard to reach.


Well, first we need to understand what success is. Success may mean different things for different people. For some people, earning a lot of money is success. For some it could be getting a promotion in their job. For some kid in school it might be winning a competition yet for some other kid in the same school it could be scoring full marks in a test. So, the thing is different people have different priorities and for every person the definition of success could be different.


Now we tend to look in the outer reality and notice people and how they are doing in life. A lot of them may not seem as very successful to us. So, people usually tend to think of success as something very difficult to achieve. They feel that success can only be acquired by slogging for hours. Now, I don’t say that by working hard you are wasting your time. But the thing that a lot of people might not be aware of may be the fact that there are a lot of things besides hard work that determine whether you will be successful or not.


Now, I recently wrote a blog post on how beliefs create reality. So, the thing is that whatever beliefs you have about anything, you will experience them in your life. For example, if you feel that you can only get around 80% in your exams then no matter how hard you work, you will find that you won’t exceed beyond 80% in your exams. So, your beliefs are something that affect your results in a huge way.


The problem with the society is that a lot of people tend to look outside of themselves rather than listening to their own intuition. A lot of people don’t question why things happen a particular way. A lot of people tend to mimic other people to be successful. I believe that one can always be successful if they walk their own path rather than following someone’s footprints because they might not lead to the place where you want to be. Also, a lot of people tend to settle for less in life. I think such people have a mentality of not being good enough for certain things in life.


Now, this is really important. Your goal must be something you really feel thrilled and motivated to work towards. If you are not having fun in your path while going towards your goal then it probably isn’t worth it. Your goal must give you a sense of purpose and fill you with joy when you work towards it. A lot of times people work towards something that feels really boring to them. Remember the journey is more important than the end or the start. You can always find something that feels interesting to do. You don’t have to do something that you don’t like. You can always pursue your passion or anything that feels good to you.


Your goal must never be to get ahead of anyone else unless you are running a race. What I mean to say is that you should aim towards achieving your own targets rather than outperforming someone else. For example, you and your friend are studying for an exam. If your motivation behind studying is to beat your friend then I guess you might be on the wrong path. The reason is that you might be able to beat him/her (although in most of the cases like this in my life it has happened the opposite way), but if your friend beats you then you will not feel good no matter how good marks you score in your exam. If you get 95% and your friend gets 96% then you will not feel good about it despite scoring so well. So, set your own targets and don’t compare them with other people.


So, my advice mainly is first of all remember that you can literally achieve anything that you really want to achieve. Know your goals. Know exactly what you want in life. Always see if there is something better you can achieve. Try to find the most suitable form of success for yourself. Once you know what you want, it becomes very easy to achieve your goal. Follow your intuition and you will get to the place where you have always wanted to be. Remember you can achieve anything that you want to achieve. Also, remember your job is to improve yourself rather than competing with other people. Be patient and persevere, you will definitely become successful.

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