Self Image: How it works?

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Alright, well I guess a lot of people are already familiar with what self image is. But for those of you who don’t know it self image is how you view yourself. What is the opinion that you have about yourself and what do you feel about yourself. That is self image in very simple terms.

Now, self image plays a very important role in our life and most people might not be aware about it. A lot of people I know are like, well how does it matter what I feel about myself right. It only affects me and my mental state. Apart from that how does it really affect me as I move forward in life. Well, the thing is that how you view yourself just does not affect your mental state only. It also affects how people see you.

The opinion you have of yourself is the opinion other people have about you. If you think you are intelligent then others will think the same. If you feel that you are stupid, other people will probably perceive you as stupid.

Have you ever wondered that when you are insecure about a particular thing, other people tend to point that about you. For example, if you are insecure about being overweight, you will find other people calling you fat or if you are bald and insecure about it, people will tease you about your lack of hair. The thing is when you feel insecure about a certain aspect in your life other people can actually feel it. It is not just about your physical appearance about other aspects as well. When you are confident about yourself then you will find it easier to gain the trust of people. Their mind picks up on your state of vibration and that is how people are able to gauge you. People’s idea about you has more to do with what you are internally feeling about yourself.

You probably know that the above thing is true because you have experienced it in your life most likely. Unless, you were a perfect human being who never made any mistakes and never got called out for anything, you would relate to what is being said above.

So, well remember your self image plays a very important part in your life. So, be careful of how you see yourself. See yourself in a positive light and others will view you the same way. Read my blog post on how to change your self image. (Click this link to read about it.)

Thank you Laurnez Klienheider for the picture.

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