Wiring in the new paradigm is usually not easy

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By paradigm I am talking about the subconscious mind and how the subconscious mind consists of a multitude of habits, thoughts, feelings and emotions. The thing is the subconscious mind is shaped by the environment growing up.

One aborbs what one experiences in the outside environment and through those experiences, one internalizes them to create one’s beliefs and perceptions.

Now, for someone who has grown up in poverty it is difficult to move out of that zone simply because the mind does not digest it for sometime. There are some people who are motivated to change their circumstances and in the process they eventually through a lot of struggle are able to get out of their environment and live a better life.


Now, for someone who is failing their classes it is difficult for them to digest that they will all of a sudden get As in all their subjects. For someone working hard to barely survive it is difficult to believe that they will be abundant.

Now, wiring the subconscious mind to new beliefs and letting go of their old identity is usually tough. Paradigms don’t want to be changed. This is what Bob Proctor told me(I was just watching his video and I don’t know him personally). Habits die hard. It is quite true if we see in our daily life.

There have been a lot of tricks and techniques to change the subconscious mind, like reaffirmations, subliminal messages etc. The best technique is to take actions that make you feel the way that you want to see yourself. It is about embodying your new identity.

Paradigms are hard to change, but if you are able to change them then you will find that reality will change for you.

Help us reach more people

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