Mediocrity – Life devoid of meaning

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People settle in life. They settle for things that just about do it for them. Its a weird paradox to be in. The paradox of mediocrity.

This is the one thing that has been picked up by so many of the new age influencers like Andrew Tate, Hamza Ahmed and the likes of them.

People are fine being average. People are fine with settling for less than what they actually can. People are tired of their lives subconsciously, but are not even aware of it.

You know a lot of them tried reaching for success but it broke their heart and let go. While there are others who didn’t even try to go after what they actually wanted.

The truth is it takes a certain amount of pain to transform a person in a way that he becomes the sort of stubborn character who can actually move in that direction.

When life throws you at the deepest trench you have ever known and you have faced the humiliation that comes with it, it often leads to drastic character changes. It is the point where men break or break records.

If you are the sort of person who wants to get lost in the crowd then mediocrity is the right fit for you.

But for people who have had their chances taken away from them, who have failed after trying repeatedly, who have suffered losses in life, who have been through hell, faced humiliation and shame, mediocrity often is not an option.

Accepting mediocrity is letting go of the power that is inside you. It is letting go of being the person you have always wanted to be.

It is a slow death, a life devoid of meaning. People with no purpose trying to understand life. Using alcohol and addictive substances to escape their problems, to escape their own identity.

People are scared to face themselves and their own truth. They rather drown themselves in mindless indulgence rather than take charge of their life.

You see everyone gets the call to follow their dreams. Everyone does get the opportunity to do so many times in their life.

Ultimately you get tired of mediocrity and most of the times you don’t even realize why? Because its often hidden. It is only out there for the wake people to see.

The thing is when you know there is more out there for you, then don’t hesitate. Just go for it, because mediocrity is a slow poison which won’t give you fulfillment.

Pic: Manafest from the ‘Edge of My Life‘.

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