Path of least resistance – The problem you don’t know about

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Resistance is one thing that is not liked by the majority of the crowd. Yet, it is actually the factor that makes you realize that you are in fact making progress in life.

Often times, we look at other people and wonder as to why we are having a hard time in life compared to other people. Especially when we feel like we are on the path to growth and expansion we come across several obstacles.

Often times, when we have big goals we are faced with equal amounts of challenges which can make it seem as if we are doing things wrong while others are getting it right.

The truth of the matter is that nothing worthwhile comes without effort and we must become capable enough to achieve the thing that we have set out for.

When we don’t get the things we want, we start to question our ability, our mindset, our intelligence. At the same time, we may see other people succeed and wonder as to where the problem lies with which for the most part feels like it lies with us.

But the thing is that we can’t compare the results we get in life compared to the results other people get in life. We don’t know what lies ahead of us and what lies ahead of the people that we are comparing ourselves to.

The thing you should know is that if you are undergoing struggle in life then it is actually a good sign. It lets you know that you are going up the hill and not sideways or backwards.

Lastly, analyze the situation the best you can, decide what is meant to be done and do it regardless.

Don’t sell out and believe in the bigger picture. Know that it will all make sense someday.

Pic taken from Gods.

Help us reach more people

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