Evanescence: Bring Me to Life Song Meaning and Facts

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Bring me to life is one of the most popular songs by Evanescence. The song was released on 7th April 2003.

Song Meaning

Bring me to Life is about Amy Lee’s life being in an abusive relationship and eventually ending it to live a better life. It is about how Josh Hartzler who is her current husband played a role in making her life better.

It took about 5 years for them to date after knowing each other. They got married in 2007 and before that Amy was in a relationship with Shaun Morgan (Seether frontman) from 2003-2005. Some people thought that the song was about Shaun but it was later declared that the song was about Josh. Amy told Josh years later that the song was about him. Perhaps she felt weird to tell him that before as they were not a couple at that point of time.

Amy met Josh in a restaurant through a mutual friend where Josh asked her if she was happy. The question caused Amy to contemplate on certain aspects of her life. She was pretending to be ok and was hanging on to her relationship which caused her a lot of pain.

This song was actually written about my now-husband. I’d been in a really bad, abusive relationship, which had been very difficult for a long time. I thought that I was doing a pretty good job of pretending I was OK, but Josh [Hartzler, Amy’s husband], this guy that I didn’t know really well but I liked a lot, we went into a restaurant while my bandmembers were parking the car. When we sat down, he looked at me right in the eyes, and said, ‘Are you happy?’ It just caught me really off guard. I felt very exposed, but it felt good at the same time – like he could see me. ‘How can you see into my eyes like open doors?

Amy Lee

Bring me to life is basically about finding something or someone who ignites an emotion within one and causes one to push forward in life. So, Josh saved Amy from an abusive relationship and she finally was happy with him after they got married.

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