You can’t force results to happen. You have to let go.

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So, after studying the law of attraction, vibration and trying to understand how energy works, I have now come to the conclusion that you can’t actually control how things go.

It is not in your control at the end of it all. God makes decisions and things actually go as per his plan.

There have been times in my life when I have literally tried to force results to happen. I have started earlier, seemingly worked harder than most people only to fail when they have succeeded.

Certain challenges are unique to everyone. For some people, things just happen easily, while others have to grind it out to get bare minimum results.

The more you try to control things, the more you realize that things actually many a times happen the opposite way. You try your hardest and end up failing to achieve what you had set out to achieve.

Its crazy how things work in life. You connect dots in life when you have moved on from things and you come to know why things happen the way they happen and why certain things were meant to happen that way only.

It hurts especially the most when you aim for things and go after them and at the same time people who don’t seem to have put that much effort get the same things that you have always wanted.

It comes to a point when you start to question your own beliefs. You start to look at things and wonder if what you had been taught for so long was even correct to begin with.

People think that taking charge of life and being in control is what we are told to do as kids and what most of us end up doing. But knowing when to take action and when to stay silent is also equally important.

You have understand what lies in your control and what doesn’t. You can’t control how and when things happen, no matter how hard you try. It may seem like it when you are successful. But when the same people go through difficulties there own faith starts to waiver.

At then end of it all, know that certain things will always be out of your control. There is more or less nothing you can do about it, so let things happen the way they do.

Pic: Chester Bennington from In The End.

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