Nine Lashes: Anthem of the Lonely Song Meaning and Explanation

Nine Lashes is a christian rock band from Birmingham, Alabama in USA. It was formed in 2006. Anthem of the Lonely is the part of the ‘World We View’ album released in 2011.


The song is about going major changes in life. These changes usually cause people a lot of painful experiences. But in the midst of all that, the song is about not giving up and not loosing hope. It is about remembering that god is there to take care of you and that you are not the only one going through such problems in life.

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The song is about a person going through a major change in life. They are sick of all the emptiness around them and they are taking their callous heart and throwing it away. They are replacing it with a heart from God. All along this journey they meet oppostion in the form of doubt and persecution and in the face of all that they are still willing to take that stand even if they are the only one.

Jeremy Dunn

The song goes out for people who feel that they are alone with no one to support them. At times, one might feel like the world is against them. So, one should always remember that there are always people in other parts of the world undergoing similar situations.


The video shows a guy being tortured. He is strapped on a chair surrounded by people. Jeremy is singing and using a light bulb instead of a microphone. In my opinion, I think it could be to show his face clearly as the video is recorded showing a dark setting. So, I think it was a good idea to use a light bulb for good effects probably. Some people also say that him using a light bulb shows enlightenment or insanity. Interestingly even in Gravity by Papa Roach and War of Change by Thousand Foot Krutch light bulbs are used but not for the purpose of a microphone.


I don’t know clearly but it seems like Big Show (Paul Donald Wight) is also featured in it. I could be wrong with this fact but one of the faces shown in the video makes me think so.

Overall, the song is pretty interesting and you must listen to it if you are into rock music.

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  1. I feel certain the light bulb is used as an effect to recognize the surroundings — that they are being interrogated.

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