The love and hate relationship between Rihanna and Kevin Durant

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So, back in 2017 NBA Finals Rihanna was seen alongside the court. Rihanna has been known to be a huge LeBron James fan. Now, she was supporting the Cavaliers who were facing the Warriors.

Kevin Durant was fouled and went to the free throw line. The girl beside Rihanna yelled brick and I guess, Kevin thought Rihanna was yelling brick to him. So, after making the free throw, Kevin glanced at Rihanna and stared at her for quite some time. So according to some people, I think it started some sort of feud between Kevin or Rihanna.

After the game, Kevin was asked about Rihanna and it seemed both Steph and Kevin were amused about it.


Steph Curry was asked if Rihanna’s music was banned from the locker room to which Steph replied that it wasn’t there to begin with.

The thing is, a few years back Kevin had spoken openly about his affection for Rihanna. I don’t know if Rihanna knew about that. Maybe she had seen the tweet or maybe not.

Well, despite Kevin being a fan of Rihanna, Rihanna was supporting LeBron to win the series.

Recently, Kevin went on a live chat on Instagram where he was joined by another fan. Well it wasn’t just a random fan, it was Rihanna. Rihanna and Kevin were trolling each other. So, I guess both of them are cool with each other.

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