Putting things on a pedestal: What you should know?

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Alright so the thing is a lot of times people place things on a pedestal like money, a partner, success etc. The thing is if you put something as being on a higher level than yourself then you are less likely to attract it.

I talked about getting rich quick schemes in one of my recent blog posts and it was about attracting money in a short period of time. Now, I talked about something called importance and it was mainly related to how some people can make something as really important which is somewhat similar to placing that thing on a pedestal.

In this case you are vibrationally separating yourself from it. Things come to you when they seem natural to be a part of you and are not put on a pedestal. For example a person puts 1 million dollars on a pedestal is unlikely to attract it. A guy who does not see 1 million as a big deal is much more likely to be able to manifest it compared to a guy who feels like it is a big deal.

So, this is also an important factor in realizing how reality works. Some person might get a job of a hundred thousand dollars a month and a certain person might look at him and say well ‘he got rich really quick’. But the thing is the person who got the job of 1 hundred thousand dollars a month probably doesn’t see that amount as something that is beyond his league. It is natural for him to manifest that kind of money because in his mind it is not a big amount.

On the other hand a person who is poor might think that it is a big deal to earn 50,000 dollars a year. He would find it difficult to earn 50,000 dollars yearly even though this is the average income of people in USA.

This also works in case of people. If you place a person that you love on a pedestal, he/she is going to feel it and be repelled. Don’t make anyone too important and never put them on a pedestal.

So, the thing to remember is that if you place something on a pedestal, you are not going to attract it. It will come to you when you reduce its importance and see it as a natural thing. Your vibration will then be in sync with the thing that you want to attract. Also, remember it is fine if you get the thing that you desire and it is fine if you don’t get it.

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