How to solve problems using the subconscious mind

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So, how do you solve problems using the subconscious mind? Now, recently I was able to solve a problem that was bothering me for quite some time.

Now, some time back our college made it compulsory to write a research paper. This assignment was given to us about 4 months back. Now, I could not really write a research paper properly because I was not getting the right ideas. I tried doing it with a few topics but I couldn’t go much further with them. So, it was quite late when I started off with it. We were supposed to complete it by 31 August. Till about 10th of August, I had not started off with anything. I did not even have any idea as to what topic I should choose. So, I started thinking about it and later I just asked my subconscious mind to give me the right idea.

Now, the thing is that I had ordered a product from an online retailer and the order got delayed by about 3 days. So, naturally I was pretty agitated by it. I then thought to myself why not make a research paper talking about the factors that affect the sales of online retailers. And from there the idea was implanted in my mind.

So, I started my work on 28th August. Even though I had the idea much earlier, I was just wasting time by not starting it earlier. Within 2 days, I was able to write my research paper. It took a whole day to get relevant responses from people and another day doing the analysis right. By 30th August, I had written about 2000 words. Now, unfortunately I later got to know that the research paper was supposed to have 4000 words. Well, it was about 10 pm when I got to know this and by the next day afternoon (1 pm) I had to submit it to. Well, I sat down and somehow managed to expand the content of my research paper. I increased about 1300 words more within like 4 hours. The next day I added some more references to increase the word limit. The references contained about 800 words in themselves. So, that was how I managed to reach about 4100.

After completing it, I submitted it on time. So, the thing is just ask for an idea. If you want to earn a lot of money, then ask for the idea that would help you accomplish it in the best way possible. The subconscious mind will guide you accordingly and you can follow its guidance.

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