How to be in alignment with the goals you set.

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Alignment is essential when it comes to moving towards goals. When you are in alignment with your goals your chances of success improve by a huge margin.

Often times, when we set goals that seem beyond our reach we are plagued by questions like how will it happen, when will it happen and will it work or not.

The truth is if you have decided to move towards a particular goal, you must go all in and do what you are supposed to do.

When we get bogged down by self doubts, second guesses etc, we are unable to move further on our path. It is only when we cut out distractions, can we actually focus whole heartedly on the task at hand which will lead us to our goals.

Often times we think that we are aligned but when we look at our actions we realize that we aren’t really serious about the goals we wish to accomplish.

Someone may desire a particular goal like getting into shape. However, they may stick to their old patterns and not change their action plan according to the goal they think of accomplishing.

When we are serious about the targets we set, we inherently make the desired changes to ensure we reach the outcome we want.

Also, it is important to understand that we have to act within our locus of control and let God pave the way for us.

Do what is necessary and let things happen on their own. Ultimately, that is all there is to be done.

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