Post Malone talks about the US government and explains what might happen in future

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Post Malone is among the leading superstars in the music industry. He is famous for several hit songs like ‘Better Now‘, ‘Sunflower‘ etc. He gave an interview with Montreality where he dropped hints about how the system might exploit the people in future.

So, here Post Malone spoke for a minute about the US government. Now, we know that the government has rarely been transparent in any matter. Many incidents have happened throughout history where several questions have been unanswered and people are left with no explanations as to why certain things happen.

Post Malone looks young in this picture. This is before he had tattoos on his face. Now, being part of the music industry I believe Post Malone has a lot of information and has seen things that normal people don’t come across. He seems to be suggesting about credit cards, so I think he is hinting that the next crisis could be financial in nature. The system has oppressed people in ways they are not even aware of. I feel like this could be another plan to control and people.

Post Malone talked about how times have been changing and how major agendas will come into the picture in our lifetime. To be honest, the craziest things that one could imagine have been come into fruition over the last decade. I believe that we have yet a lot more to see in the near future.

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