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Dominick Richard Harrison known as YUNGBLUD is an English singer and songwriter. He released a song called ‘fleabag’ released on 19th August 2021 as part of the ‘Rock Werchter 2022’ album. So, here’s Fleabag Song Review.

Fleabag Song Review and Meaning

This was my first time listening to YUNGBLUD and I have to say this dude is quite talented. He has the skill to produce hit songs. He is doing good on the music scene as of now.

He has a good sense of rhythm at least this song has a good rhythm to it. The lyrics are relatively simple and his energy is pretty high. I found the song to be alright overall. There aren’t many good rock songs being produced in the current era. This song is probably among the best rock songs in recent times.

Dominick spoke about the inspiration behind the song claiming that he was in a very dark time in his life when he wrote it. It is about how the society messes up people by judging them constantly. Dominick probably went through a lot of scrutiny and judgement for the way that he was and it p*ssed him off.

I wrote “Fleabag” in a really dark time of my life, when a lot of people around me had an expectation about what I should be. To tell you the truth, it’s about being fucking gutted about people judging me and trying to tear me down. I felt so alienated, I felt so alone. When everybody else has an expectation of what you should be or have their own version of your truth it messes with your brain because you start to think, maybe they’re right, maybe they do know what’s best for me, maybe I should change who I am. But ultimately I believe to my core – it’s the foundation I built my whole ideology around, that self-expression and the right to be unconditionally yourself is the best thing you can be. Nobody should determine how you express yourself except YOU. You are brilliant, you are beautiful, you are individual just by breathing. This song is a kick back. A kick back against the world, a kick back against my friends, against my family and some of my fanbase. I am who I am, all I want to do is spread love and lead with my heart. I’ve always told people to be themselves, sometimes I have to remember that message myself.

YUNGBLUD is doing fine as of now. Whether he can sustain himself in the music industry and gain more popularity is something to ponder upon. How much potential does he really have to produce better hits than this one.

Overall, it feels good to know that few people are still producing rock music like this one. Let me knwo what you all think e

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