Darci explain their viral track ‘On My Own’

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Darci is an anonymous vocalist producer duo that produces music containing electronic and hip hop elements. I like the vibe in their music.

Its mostly described as laid back, the kind of music one listens to while driving around. Their song ‘On My Own’ is specifically famous. In this article, we’ll talk about On My Own Song Review.

On My Own Song Review and Meaning

‘On My Own’ is a pretty cool song in my opinion. The vibe is unreal and the song hits hard if you spend most of your time by yourself. Darci have spoken about their music saying that their songs are based on different feelings they have felt while producing music.

Our songwriting is abstract. It’s based off a collection of moments and feelings that form around the production.

The song is about feeling okay with being alone, but still having an attraction to someone who you keep going back. “On My Own” is personal to us, but we like to leave things open to interpretation. We hope that people apply the song to themselves and find their own stories.


The song is about being attracted to someone while being alright with being alone. Somehow, the other person keeps popping in one’s head even if one tries to keep his/her thoughts out of their mind.

I personally enjoyed this song. You can check out other music on their channel.

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