Why Honeythief by Halou is one of the most intriguing songs ever

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Halou is a band from San Francisco, California. Halou is relatively unknown and not many people have heard about Halou. Halou consists of members- Rebecca Cooseboom, Ryan Cooseboom and Mikael Eldridge. Honeythief is probably their most popular song and it is quite an interesting song to listen to. So, here’s Honeythief Song Review.

It is part of the album called ‘Wholeness and Seperation’.which was released in 2006. The song features in a lot of AMV(Anime Music Videos) and thus, it gained a lot of views on youtube.

Honeythief Song Review

This song is unlike any other song that you have heard. Rebecca’s vocals are so light and smooth as if she is whispering in your ears yet the overall feel of the music is extremely dark and melancholic. It makes you feel as if you are yearning for a past lover that is no longer with you.

From the many interpretations of what I have read about the song on the internet, the song could be about a lover who is too good for the person. He is a strong person who motivates the singer to go on with her life despite all the suffering and hardships.

Another interpretation that makes sense is that of a mother and her child. The mother knows the world to be a cruel place and she sees it through a bad perspective. She spends her time contemplating the decisions she has made and choices that she chose. She feels that there is something important that she needs to do and it is the hardest thing she has ever done.

She is surprised by how her child deals with the world in a way that makes it seem like he/she is perfect. The mother feels that she is supposed to be the stronger one and yet her child ends up being stronger in most circumstances. The mother is impressed with how her child is able to cope with life even though they have a lot of hardships. Her child seems to be in high spirits and has high hopes of the future. The mother is inspired by her child and feels lucky to have him or her.

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