Give It 2 Me by Madonna explains how talented Madonna really was

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Madonna is the greatest female pop artist of all time. I don’t think it is up for debate. As crazy as she might be as a character, she has produced some of the greatest songs ever. She released a song called ‘Give It 2 Me’ featuring Pharrell on 24th June 2008 as part of the album called ‘Hard Candy’. So, here’s Give It 2 Me Song Review.

Give It 2 Me Song Review and Meaning

Well, Madonna knows how to rhyme songs well. All her songs have been amazing. ‘Give It 2 Me’ was great as far as the rhythm was concerned. Madonna was touching 50 when she released this song and she looked incredible in the video. Her charm and persona had been there for a long time.

Madonna is here in this video talking about how she can go on and on and on. Well, that is how her life has always been. I don’t think people today understand how dominant Madonna was in her era. There have been great singers like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Shakira etc. But none of them have ever come close to catching Madonna in my opinion. Madonna was giving these artists a run for their money while she was in her 50s. Most artists are done by the time they reach around 35 years of age.

Madonna had the swag, dance moves, creativity whatever you name it, she had it. She is natural when it comes entertainment. It’s crazy to think that Madonna is able to perform and create art at this age. She is 64 years old and still active on the music scene today.

It’s going to be a great song to do live. I can see the whole place jumping. It’s the ultimate “Give me all you’ve got, don’t try to stop me”. And a great song to work out to.


Her live performances are incredible as well. She brings a totally different energy with her presence. This is her performing in Bueno Aires, Argentina in 2008.

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