The possible explanation behind the song ‘We Are’ by Hollywood Undead

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We Are is one of my favorite songs by Hollywood Undead. The song was released on 29th October 2012.

Song Meaning

Johnny 3 Tears talked about the meaning behind the song saying it was about collective resistance and that they were taking LA as the backdrop.

The song is about collective resistance. It’s the silent majority, but we’re using Los Angeles as the backdrop. Every time we work with Danny, he takes our music to the next level. He’s willing to go as far outside the box as we are. As a whole, it’s a good introduction the album because it encompasses the band idealistically. Think of it as an ode to our misled youth.

Johnny 3 Tears

Alright so before I give my explanation, I just want to say that I have might be wrong about it and this is mainly what I infer from the song and what the song could be possibly talking about.

Now, the chorus ‘We are made from broken parts’ could be talking how the band is built from different individuals who didn’t know each other and still came together somehow to create music. It could also actually mean how the society is broken and how the people are broken from the start.

The song is mainly talking about the people in LA although it is also true worldwide. It is about how the society breaks the individual to make him or her fit into itself. And yet again the song could be talking about how artists like Hollywood Undead who are famous are broken individuals despite having money, fame and success.

The song talks about LA, California. Now, Los Angeles and Hollywood is actually a very dark place to be in with a lot of dirty secrets. Celebrities like actors and musicians end up giving their souls for money, fame and success. This is what I infer from the line sung by Johnny 3 Tears- ‘If you can lose it all then welcome to broadway, silicone dreams and your name on the marquee.’

He even raps about being married to the d*vil in the city of Angels- referring probably to what he has done to reach where he has reached. Ironically, Los Angeles is the city of angels while it is also one of the darkest places on Earth. Now, I don’t want to talk about why it is dark because I don’t want to discuss those things in detail. The lyrics about being hot and dark in hell give you an idea as to what it is about. Even DMX had an album with a similar name – Its Dark and Hell is Hot.

Meanwhile, the song could also be referring to Deuce who was dismissed from the band. J Dog’s verse could be talking about how Deuce was arrogant and how he came beating on their door in the face of rejection. Deuce actually had a lot of beef with the band and released a song called ‘Story of a Snitch’ which was a diss track aimed at the band.

Again the lyrics give the view of how the society in LA is like through references like- c*ke fiends, overdo*ed etc. The song is about how the society wants to rebel against the power structure. Poor people have no option but to live the way they do simply because of how the system has been created. Johnny 3 Tears is probably talking about how he wants the corrupt people to witness the world through his eyes to see the world that they have given to people who are victims of their corrupt policies and practices.

Music Video

Shawn “Clown” Crahan, drummer and founding member of the heavy metal band Slipknot directed the music video and it was filmed at ‘Linda Vista Hospital’ known to be the most haunted place in California. Overall the music video has several elements of vandalism which keeps the viewer glued to the screen.

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