How White America explains Eminem’s rise to stardom and his influence while getting attacked by the media

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The song ‘White America’ was released by Eminem on 26th March 2002 as part of ‘The Eminem Show’ album.

The song is about the Eminem’s influence on America, the allegations he faced for influencing criminal activity and also how his ethnicity gained him immense popularity. So, here’s White America Song Review.

White America Song Review and Meaning

When the song ‘White America’ was launched, Eminem was already a huge star in the rap game. Initially when Dr. Dre launched him, the authorities were double minded on whether he would be a success or not.

However, Eminem turned out to exceed all the expectations and released hits after hits which gave him not only commercial success but also won him awards like the Grammys, VMAs etc.

Now, Eminem probably didn’t know this at first or maybe somewhere he knew that him being a white rapper would draw the white population’s attention on him.

Initially he was struggling before with acceptance issues for being a white person in the hip hop business which was dominated by black folks.

However, Dr Dre‘s approval of him and his support brought Eminem at the center of the rap business. Also, the thing with Eminem was that he was highly relatable to the white teenagers who were just like him and facing similar things that he was going through. So, Eminem and Dr Dre literally swapped their fan bases and both highly benefited from it.

At the same time, Eminem’s controversial nature and lyrics caused a lot of backlash from the media, the parents of teenagers, critics etc. Some talked about how Eminem was influencing violence among the young crowd which led to school shootings while others blamed him for increasing dr*g abuse among the crowd.

Eminem being an aggressive personality would channel his anger through his music which was literally sent in whichever direction he was p*ssed off about.

Eminem is actually addressing the entire country that all those who are mad about him don’t realize that he is simply expressing what their own children feel and which is causing those children to follow him.

Eminem even called out Miss Cheney and Miss Tipper Gore in the end of the song both of who were against violent lyrics in songs. Meanwhile, Eminem claimed that he was only exercising his right to freedom of speech.

In the end, Eminem talks about how he is kidding and still loves his country.

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