The Tragic Story behind Nookie by Limp Bizkit

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Limp Bizkit is among the most popular rock bands of all time. They started in 1994 and are still active as a band. Nookie is one of their best songs in my opinion. It was released on 15th June 1999 as part of the album ‘Significant Other’. So, here is nookie song review.

Fred Durst and Wes Borland had a rocky relationship pretty much ever since the start of the band and both wanted creative control over the songs that they produced. They had a great debut album with ‘Three Dollar Bill, Y’all’, however Wes left the group before they produced their second album ‘Significant Other’. Somehow, the band convinced Wes to rejoin the group and then they produced songs like ‘Nookie‘ which further solidified the band’s place in the rock world.

Nookie Official Music Video

Nookie Song Review

Nookie’ happened at the end of another song. On one of the other songs on the album we started jamming. Lethal [Limp Bizkit’s DJ] had a beat, and I was playing guitar. We started playing, making up this outro on the spot to a different song, and went, ‘Whoa, this is really cool,’ and we made up a quick verse/chorus. And we were like, ‘Okay, what’s the working title of this one going to be called?’ The beat was sampled off of an Italian porn movie from the ’70s or something, that Lethal had in a library. It was like, ‘That beat’s from a porn movie, we should call this song ‘Nookie.

Then Fred came in the next day to the studio and I was like, ‘We’ve got to show you a song, we’re calling it ‘Nookie’ just for the time being.’ And he was like, ‘Okay.’ And then he flipped out and went, ‘Dude, that’s the name of the song! I’m going to use that as the lyrics.’ And that was it.

Wes Borland

Song Meaning

Now, Fred Durst actually narrates the meaning of the song while he is singing the lyrics. Fred had a girlfriend (named Jennie according to sources) who stayed in Jacksonville the same place that Fred was from. Fred used to support her by sending her money that he used to earn while his career in Los Angeles was being set up initially.

His girlfriend on the other hand was having an affair with another guy (named ‘Teddy Swoes’ or ‘Scotty O’) and was spending the money sent by Fred on her and the other guy by ab*sing dr*gs and sleeping in hotel rooms. Fred eventually came to know about it, but didn’t leave her as he wanted s*x from her. The word ‘nookie’ is actually slang for s*x.

How Limp Bizkit Made ‘Nookie’

My whole record is about my girlfriend who put me through the ringer for three years and my insecurity about it. It became this big thing.

Fred Durst

Fred probably kept this in his mind for a long time and it bothered him a lot. He talks about how friends and well wishers can tell you to let go of something like this but it is easier said than done. Often most of the time one needs to deal with it alone and take one’s time to digest these things. Fred felt humiliated from what had happened in Jacksonville and decided to move to Los Angeles as it was better decision not only for his mental well being but also for his career.

I want everybody to be thinking I’m having the time of my life, but I’m single and miserable. I’m lonely. I’m experiencing the best things in my life, with no one there to share them. I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m not the stereotypical rock star. People are having a problem that I’m not fitting my image, and they’re obviously not listening to the lyrics.

Fred Durst on stardom and loneliness

Despite the huge success that Limp Bizkit had, Fred was lonelier than he had ever been. Fred was asked about whether he had friends in LA to which he replied that he didn’t. Jacksonville was worse as many of his friends talked sh*t about him.

The whole world doesn’t need to know that, just that I have a good personality and that I like to make other people happy.

Fred Durst on being asked if he was happy

The video for Nookie was shot in Long Island City, New York. Limp Bizkit actually called out their fans a day before they shot the video.

I’m making my fans even more involved, the Limp Bizkit fans even more involved in the video shoot. [We’re going to] just get massive amounts of people to show up and we’re gonna play and the cops are definitely gonna shut us down, and we’re going to shoot the whole thing. It’s gonna be off the hook.

Fred Durst

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