The Dark Story behind The Weeknd’s After Hours

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So, The Weeknd dropped one of his greatest albums in my opinion in 2020 called Afterhours which featured songs like Blinding Lights, Heartless, Too Late etc. While all the songs in the album are incredible, they also are hinting towards things that might be happening in The Weeknd’s life.

Having followed The Weeknd for years, several of his songs actually depict what his story in life is. Afterhours is one of those albums that drops a lot of details about his current state and what he is going through.

Through this short film, The Weeknd is hinting towards how fame has played a negative role in life. To the outside world, he may have painted a good image on the surface but he is actually paying a hefty price for it. This is symbolic through him wearing bandages.

In the song Too Late, he actually says its way too late to save our souls, which is him selling his soul for fame, money and recognition. He regrets doing so, and probably copes with it through use of dr*gs, alcoh*l etc. The time when he wears his glasses is when he is using probably psychedel*cs to over come his situation. At the end, he turns into a crazy maniac who ends up killing the man along with the woman who escapes the place.

Through videos like these, one comes to know what the music industry is actually about. How certain artists have to make deals which involve a lot of sacrifice in order to reach a certain level.

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