The Story behind So Far So Good by Thornley

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Thornley was a rock band formed by Ian Thornley in 2002 after he left his earlier band ‘Big Wreck’ which was regrouped again later.

There was one particular song by Thornley which was a big hit called ‘So Far So Good’. It was also the soundtrack of the movie ‘Going the Distance’.

According to sources, Ian hit a creative roadblock while creating the song and had nearly abandoned it. Then, Chad Kroeger from Nickelback came to his place, had a listen and supported the band to create it.

Chad gave some of his inputs and then the song came together.

Song Meaning and Explanation(according to me of course)

So, Ian feels a bit different compared to others in terms of opinions and views and later mentions that almost everyone feels like that at some point of time.

He is reminiscing about the relationships that he has had and how he ends up screwing them somehow. He sees love as a lost cause and knows that nothing can be done about it.

It could be that his partner blames him for everything and feels like she is right all the time. Ian seems confused as to whether the problem is with him or the other person.

Regardless, he feels like other people don’t understand him and the pain he goes through. He seems to be struggling in life in several areas. It could be relationships, understanding others or perhaps personal issues of his own.

He reminisces the time he spent with his lover and the places where he made love. The kitchen was probably one of the places where he made out with her.

The separation has taken its toll on him and he feels lost. Still he believes in making the most of life and living it to the fullest. So far it has been working for him.

Overall, its a great song. Its incredibly pleasant to listen to. It has a great rhythm and the melody is on point. Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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