The meaning behind Yad by Erika Lundmoen

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Erika Lundmoen is a Russian singer who is popular for her viral song called ‘Yad’. The song is used often as background audio for reels.

Now this is what I interpreted from the song and what I feel the song is about. The singer talks about life and the world in general. People often sell out and don’t believe in themselves.

They bend down to unfair rules and regulations without challenging them. The society is full of puppets who make puppets out of others and so on. People act fake for the purpose of gaining approval and slander to put others down.

People don’t want to face problems and difficulties. On the other hand, the singer is motivated to follow difficult paths.

She also mentions to the person interested in her that she is not like the other women out there. It is best for him to change himself rather than expecting her to change. She feels like her lover must have depth and character for her to be with him.

She doesn’t want to be with a hollow person who is rather a nuisance to her. She expects her partner to be one that strives to be at the top.

So that is pretty much the overall theme of the song. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “The meaning behind Yad by Erika Lundmoen”

  1. This song is a declaration of Erika Lundmoen’s freedom and individuality in a world that is destroyed and soulless.

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