The meaning and inspiration behind Descape’s ‘Bleed’.

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Descape is an alternative rock band from Quebec, Canada consisting of vocalist Dominic Rousseau, guitarists Bobby Deblois and Anthony Doyle and Mathieu Desroberts on drums. The band was formed in 2012.

They released a track called ‘Bleed’ recently which caught my attention and I happened to ask them on Instagram as to what the song was about. The song can be interpreted in any way the listener wants to.

However, it was originally written in the sense of a fight between 2 people who want to achieve their goals. One of them has had it easy while the other had to struggle to get to where he was.

We always write in a way that a lot of people can relate the lyrics in their own way. But the way it was written is actually about a fight between two persons to reach their own dreams/goals.

1 person had it easy in life, takes everything for granted, lies on his success, etc. The other person started from nothing and I had to work for it.


Their style of music reminds me of Breaking Benjamin, Nine Lashes and Like A Storm. I was quite surprised when I heard ‘Bleed’ for the first time. I didn’t know if there were still bands left that produced music like that.

If you are into alternative rock music, you might like check out some of their other songs. Let me know your opinions about the song or any other song by them that you come across. Have a nice day!

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