The Truth about Greg Plitt and why he is inspirational

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George Gregory Plitt, Jr. was an American fitness model and actor. He passed away on 17th January 2015 at the age of 37 after he was hit by a train while filming a video of working out on the train tracks.

Greg was a huge inspirational figure who is remembered till this day. His effect on people was profound and he was role model who motivated people to go after their purpose to live more meaningful lives.

A lot of people might look at motivation as cheesy and non sense but the truth is that it is the very thing that makes people achieve great heights.

Greg Plitt was wise and knew what matters in life. So many people out there in the world avoid going after their purpose and do what most other people do. They will never have an idea of what it is like to go after things that seem difficult to achieve.

Greg was the kind of person who actually did what he set out to do. He lived by his message and what he taught to people. You might want to check out his videos to know more about him.

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Help us reach more people

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