The Toxic Meaning behind Renegade by Aaryan Shah

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Aaryan Shah is the singer I never knew I needed to listen to. As of now, he is well known but I wouldn’t consider him particularly ‘famous’.

He has about 173k subscribers on YouTube which is way too less considering his music.

Recently, I came across his song called ‘Renegade’ which is often used for audio in reels.

Renegade is a brilliant song which is pretty easy to understand in terms of lyrics. The song describes the toxic relation between Aaryan and his lover while also explaining the messed up character that he is.

The song talks about her lover being head over heels for him while she knows that he is not right for her. He is in love with someone else while she is in love with him.

While Aaryan may come off as a bad person taking advantage of women, he is completely honest about everything with his partner. His lover has decided to stick after knowing the entire situation.

The song goes into a little bit more detail explaining Aaryan and his situation. He is probably lost and contemplates about someone he couldn’t have. It consumes most of his time and he copes with it through abusing dr*gs and having flings with other women.

Overall, the song is great. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Help us reach more people

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