The Inspiration and Meaning behind ‘The Devil In I’ by Slipknot

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Slipknot is among the most well known bands in the rock community. The band was formed in Des Moines, Iowa in 1995.

‘The Devil in I’ is my favorite song by the group. I am not much into heavy metal but this song is one that I really like. It is pretty smooth and clear in terms of rhythm and tune. The vocals and lyrics are amazing as well.

Corey Taylor once talked about the meaning behind the song saying it was about the war that one has with oneself.

The Devil In I is one of the, I’d say, three songs that really represent the war inside us individually, dealing with the depression that came after losing Paul, dealing with the anger, the guilt… just trying to get our hands around the grief process, basically, and realizing that we have to let ourselves feel these feelings before we can move forward, and The Devil In I represents looking at that selfishness in the mirror and saying, ‘Okay, I have to let myself feel this before I can go any further.

The Devil In I’ is really about the war inside yourself. Trying not to give into defeatism, trying not to give into negativity, trying not to give up basically. It’s a struggle. It’s one of the hardest thing you can do, is to give in to that side of yourself.

Corey Taylor

The song is about demons that keep popping up every now and then. It is a constant fight against the negative aspects of oneself.

The music video was directed by Shawn Crahan who plays the drums. The video depicts the band member’s getting destroyed in the ways that they fear the most. The idea is to become one with the thing they fear the most and then letting it go.

Sid picks his arm apart, Mick tears his face apart in isolation, Taylor gets his head exploded, Jones gets attacked by a dog, Chris gets his head torn apart by birds, Jim gets a full body explosion and Shawn gets hung after being set on fire.

The Devil In I – Behind The Scenes

Basically, this video is about finding past devils, past things – becoming one with it and then doing away with it

Shawn Crahan

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