The meaning behind ‘This Fire Burns’ by Killswitch Engage

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‘This Fire Burns’ is among the most prominent song by Killswitch Engage. This song was used as the theme song for WWE Judgement Day 2006 and included on the¬†WWE Wreckless Intent¬†album as “This Fire Burns.”

After its use for WWE Judgement day 2006, CM Punk started using it as his theme song before he changed it to ‘Cult of Personality’ by Living Colour.

In my opinion, ‘This Fire Burns’ is his most iconic theme song ever and a lot of people still associate the song with him.

The track garnered a lot of attention with CM Punk’s return to WWE, even though Cult of Personality is still his theme song in WWE and also was his theme song in AEW. It was used in reels and videos mostly associated with CM Punk and his return to WWE on Instagram and YouTube.

Song Meaning and Review

The song is about how one carries on even through difficult times. It emphasizes the passion for one’s goal which makes one push further even when life is throwing curve balls at them.

The song resonates especially when you’re an underdog trying to make it big in life. Not a lot of people resonate with this feeling because there are very few that go after difficult goals. It is true that anything worthwhile is never going to come easily.

The song urges one to take charge of one’s life and understanding that anything is possible if one sets his mind to it. It’s about letting go of the past and setting sights on the future.

There are going to be difficulties and tough times. One will face misery, dejection and suffering when one is on the path to achieving great heights. These are the things that make or break an individual.

Difficulties and challenges are what make goals even more interesting and worthwhile. Some people may feel disheartened on facing challenges but there are others who feel even more exhilarated when faced with difficulties. When one is passionate about something then they don’t stop until they reach it.

The song is one of my favorites to listen to. You can feel the raw emotion in the singer’s voice and it brings about nostalgic feelings of what rock music sounded like in the past. It’s association with CM Punk and WWE makes it even better for some reason.

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