Jodzi: No Copyright and Free For Profit Beat Producer

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Jodzi is a beat producer who uploads beats on YouTube and Beatstars. He is one of the best beat producers I have ever heard.

His beats are mostly free for profit and can be used as background music on YouTube or other platforms. You can read his terms and conditions to know exactly how you can use his beats.

These are my top 5 beats by him:

1. The Weeknd Type Beat – “Paris” 

2. Oboy Type Beat – “Juliette”

3. Roshi x So La Lune Type Beat – “Pauline”

4. Lil Dusty G x Mareux Type Beat – “Her”

5. Josman x Laylow Type Beat – “Plume”

5. Josman x Sonbest Type Beat – “Radar”

Let me know your opinion regarding his music in the comments.

Help us reach more people

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