The meaning behind ‘Underground’ by Descape

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Descape has recently made my list of best rock bands ever. They caught my attention with their hit song ‘Bleed’ which was released about 2 months back. Since then, I’ve looked forward to any new releases by them.

They released ‘Underground’ featuring Burning Attic, Frontières and Polygraph & Saviors on 13th October 2023.

The track is currently at 16k views as of 21st October 2023 and might be the first to amass these views in 8 days.

Song Meaning

I reached out to the band on Instagram and they explained that the song was about standing up for oneself which is also evident from their lyrics.

The song is mainly about being unheard and trying to stand up for ourselves to finally being heard by others.


The song resonates especially if you feel like you’ve been the underdog for the most of your life. We realize that no one is going to back us up and we have only ourselves to fight for our interests and beliefs.

You have to realize that you have to fight for your dreams and if you don’t stand up then you’ll get lost in the crowd with your life devoid of meaning.

I have to say they surpassed my expectations with this track. They could potentially blow up with this track. The band has been active since a long time and it is cool to see them create rock music which is pretty similar to that from the 2000s.

Let me know your opinions about the song in the comments. Also, do check out their YouTube channel to listen to more of their music.

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