The meaning behind Mike Shinoda’s – Can’t Hear You Now

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Mike Shinoda is different. He is truly in a league of his own. As a rapper, you don’t compare him to Jay Z or Kanye or even Eminem for that matter. He is not someone that comes to mind when one thinks of rappers.

Yet, he can rap, sing and play a wide variety of instruments. Mike has been releasing music tracks as a solo artist in the recent years post Chester’s demise.

He released a song called ‘Can’t Hear You Now’ as part of his debut solo album ‘Post Traumatic’ in 2018. It was good to know that he still feels inspired to produce music and let people know what he has been up to.

Song Meaning and Inspiration

Most of Mike’s songs explain his situation regarding the mental challenges he goes through, be it stress, unhappiness, fatigue etc.

Mike was asked about the references behind the song and he did talk about having different references which kind of blended together to make the song.

Yeah. Well, the reality of the record and of going through something like this is that, most of us know, it’s messy and the references are going to blend in to one another, and even I listen to it and I go, ‘Oh, yeah. I was definitely thinking about A, but subconsciously there’s a little bit of B in there’.

Mike Shinoda on ‘Can’t Hear You Now’

Mike is mainly talking about his challenges in life like most of us go through. There are days when he feels good and then there are days when he doesn’t.

He is definitely motivated from it sounds like in the music track. He also mentions the importance of having boundaries in life.

He could be calling out someone who may have manipulated Mike in the past. It could be a toxic person and Mike may be letting him or her know that he has had enough and will not entertain any garbage from their side.

When he mentions ‘I Can’t Hear You Now’, he could be pointing to the fact that he is done with negative people in his life and they are irrelevant in his opinion.

So, that in my opinion was what the song was about. The song is quite pleasant to listen to. The whole album was creatively different from the kind of songs that he produced especially as part of Linkin Park.

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