The meaning behind True Self by Descape

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Descape is one of my favorite rock bands. They have been consistent with their music for quite a long time. They released a song called True Self in March 2021.

They even released another version on YouTube as ‘True Self Reimagined’ on 8th December 2023.

Recently, I reached out to the band and asked them what the inspiration behind the song was.

True Self is a song about trying to be someone you’re not, but ending up being someone you didn’t want to be. Sometimes, our true selves isn’t always something we choose.


The song is a self reflective song in which one ponders about one’s true nature. A lot of times due to society and peer pressure, we end up being someone who is not true to themselves.

This often causes more problems than it solves. When we try to fit in, we realize that we are lying to ourselves which causes conflicts within ourselves.

The song is about embracing one’s true nature and upholding one’s values and principles.

The reimagined version is incredibly pleasant to listen to. I like how they experimented with a different set of instrumentals to give a whole new feel to this song.

Overall, I really like both versions of this song. Let me know your opinion regarding the song.

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