Its do or die for the LA Clippers

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Well, usually I don’t talk about sports all that much but for some reason I decided to do so today.

Its been a while since I left watching the NBA, I mean I still do but very less compared to before. Growing up your priorities kinda change but anyway that is a different discussion.

Well, we have seen a lot of super teams in the past but for some reason LA Clippers has not gained that much of attention. Currently, they have Kawhi Leonard a 2 time NBA Finals MVP and champion, James Harden and Russell Westbrook as former regular season MVPs and Paul George who has been a perennial All Star.

On paper, the team is as strong as it gets. The question however remains, will they win a championship.

Its one of those moments when you know you have to do something. When you know that this might be the best chance you will ever get to achieve something you have always dreamt of.

I feel the circumstances are just about right for them to pull this off. Currently, they are going strong in the season. We know Kawhi Leonard has the ability to make it count when it matters.

He may have crumbled at certain times like when he did against the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs 2020, but he has shown that he has performed when the stakes are high like in the 2019 NBA playoff run.

Russell Westbrook seems to have matured as well and is doing well statistically and so is James Harden. Paul George has been consistent as well.

Personally, I am kind of excited to see if they win or not. These 4 are among my favorite players and I want to see them win.

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