The meaning and inspiration behind ‘Heat Waves’ by Glass Animals

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The pandemic time was a nightmare for a lot of people. At the same time, it proved very fruitful for a selected lot too.

Glass Animals was among the few who rose at a time when the world was facing crisis. For those of you who don’t know, Glass Animals is an English indie rock band consisting of Dave Bayley (vocals), Drew MacFarlane (guitar, keyboards), Edmund Irwin-Singer (bass, keyboards), and Joe Seaward (drums).

They were active since 2010 and did have some amount of success. But, it was no where near the level of what they achieved in 2020 with particularly one song called – Heat Waves.

Heat Waves took the world by a storm and everyone had it playing on their smartphones. As of now the song has over 660 million views on YouTube and remains their most popular song yet.

Song Meaning and Inspiration

Well, the lyrics are very direct and easy to understand. Its about a person who has to let go of someone because they know that they are not right for the other person.

It is about letting go of an existing relationship because you know that things aren’t going to work out in the long run. Dave spoke about the song relating it to the real story which happened in his own life.

The whole thing is meant to feel really reflective, and it ends up focusing on one memory, which is about a certain person that I really missed.

Every time it gets to May I start thinking about this person and how they’re not in my life anymore, and I start missing that person.

Dave Bayley

The song is about a guy who is in love with his partner and she loves him as well. But since he knows that he cannot offer her the life that she wants, he decides to end the relationship.

Both parties feel bad about the situation and the man is not blaming the woman at all in any case. He knows that the fault is his only.

Heat Waves is a metaphor talking about illusory waves which rise off from the hot asphalt on the roads. It creates an illusion which is not real, just like the possibility of a relationship in the case of these two.

Despite deciding to move on from her, he can’t help but think of her especially during the summer times of May and June. He reminisces of her late at night and wonders how she is doing and only wishes the best for her.

Dave Bayley also compared ‘Heat Waves’ to ‘Your Love (Deja Vu) since they are both based on love and relationships.

They’re both definitely two of the songs that are about relationships and sort of knowing that they’re doomed.

Your Love’ is sort of realizing that person’s gonna keep hurting you, and that you can’t save this thing… it is doomed. And ‘Heat Waves’ is kinda realizing that that’s OK. It’s just accepting that you can’t always make everyone happy.

Dave Bayley

That was my opinion on the song. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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