The meaning and inspiration behind Ghost Town by Adam Lambert

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Adam Lambert is among the most talented singer and songwriters in my opinion. He has a beautiful voice and is really creative with the music he produces.

The world witnessed his talent when he appeared in the eighth season of ‘American Idol’ in which he was the first runner up. His career as a singer far exceeded the expectations from him since the competition.

He released a song called ‘Ghost Town’ which was the lead single for his third studio album ‘The Original High’ on 21st April 2015.

Song Meaning and Inspiration

Adam talked about ‘Ghost Town’ and what he was thinking of when writing about the song. The song is about being let down in life. It could be different aspects like love, career and relationships.

Many times in life, we can get bitter when things don’t work out the way we want them to. There is a feeling of hopelessness and despair regarding certain problems which everyone in life encounters at one point of time or the other.

In the midst of all that, the song is about hoping if one is still capable of love.

We all have heartache, we all go through things that maybe make us a little jaded or bitter in life, and the song is kind of asking, ‘Hey, despite all that, am I still able to love? Is that going to happen for me? Is it in the cards?’

Adam Lambert

The song reflects Adam’s situation in the world in a metaphorical sense. Adam is mentioning a dream like situation in which he sees the saints lock up the gates of heaven because he doesn’t seem to be worthy.

He calls out God’s name but there is no answer and he ends up in hell. He feels lost in the world today and has trust issues because he has felt betrayal from the ones he’s trusted before.

His heart is a ghost town as he no longer believes in love. Its to the point where in he feels disconnected from everyone and feels like he is all alone in the world.

He has seen a lot of bad things because of which he doesn’t care much about trivial matters. The lyrics mention him ‘gunslinging’ which signifies that he still has faith and a purpose to live by and doesn’t care if he dies by his principles.

So, that was what I understood from the song. Let me know what you guys think about the song in the comments below.

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