A look at Kevin Rudolf, his best songs and what happened to him

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Kevin Rudolf is one name that has nearly disappeared from the music industry. It wasn’t that he was notoriously popular but he did contribute a lot to the music history.

He is an American singer, songwriter and record producer who has worked with several artists like Lil Wayne, Hollywood Undead, My Darkest Days along with several others and has production credits on their albums.

He was associated with Cash Money Heroes and has two really good songs which I visit once in a while – I Made It and Let It Rock. Let It Rock was a masterpiece and his debut single in 2008.

I expected him to make more of his own music but he sort of fizzled out post 2010. He has produced music tracks over the years but his endeavors have failed to create any major splash in the entertainment industry.

1. Kevin Rudolf – Let It Rock ft. Lil Wayne

2.Kevin Rudolf – Let It Rock ft. Lil Wayne

In terms on material wealth, Kevin Rudolf is a phenomenal success. He has net worth of $12 million thanks to his stock investments and other ventures.

Overall, he is doing pretty well for himself. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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