Matt Tuck explains the inspiration behind ‘Over It’

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The song ‘Over It’ by Bullet For My Valentine was launched on 1 April 2018 from their album ‘ Gravity ‘. So, Gravity received mixed to negative reviews from the critics but their song ‘Over It’ is definitely one of my favourites.

Song Meaning

The song is about frustration as Matt Tuck explains. It is about dealing with problems that one shouldn’t be dealing with and which are caused by the other person.

These problems are mainly affecting the other person and should be dealt by them as soon as possible. It could be a girlfriend or a close friend that Matt is trying to help. They are having certain troubles in life probably which is affecting Matt indirectly.

Matt is in a way trying to help them out but they are refusing to help themselves. So, at times people think that they can’t do anything to help themselves. They have a negative view on life probably and don’t do anything to improve their situation.

Matt is talking about the fact that if you don’t want to help yourself why should I care. So, in the chorus he talks about the fact that I hope you suffer because you weren’t ready to learn in the first place.

Matt talked about how the feelings behind this song were in his mind for quite sometime and he hadn’t ever introduced them in his records till now. So, he was able to write the song in about 5 minutes as he explains as the song is inspired from the events experienced in his life.

Help us reach more people

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