The Inspiration behind ‘Dark Horses’ by Switchfoot

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Switchfoot is an American rock band from San Diego, California. They released a song called Dark Horses in 2011 as the first single from their eighth studio album called ‘Vice Verses’.

Song Meaning

Dark Horses is based on homeless children and their lives. The song depicts what their emotions and what they go through in life. Naturally, they put up with tough living conditions and unimaginable difficulties.

It seems like their situation is hopeless and that they won’t be able to rise from their circumstances. So, a lot of people may count them out but the reality is that they have potential and can always overcome their obstacles to achieve success.

Jon Foreman wrote an essay for The Huffington Post called “Dark Horses” on dark Horses and underdogs and realized that it was quite applicable to the homeless kids they saw on streets of San Diego.

In fact, the essay called “Dark Horses,” it’s a bit I wrote for the Huffington Post, actually inspired the song, because the essay came first. And I thought, well, this is actually applicable to a lot of the kids that I meet on the streets of San Diego, the homeless kids, the kids that people are writing off, saying that it’s hopeless and there’s no chance. And yet there is a chance. There is.

Jon Foreman

Meanwhile, Chad Butler also gave his opinion on the song and talked about how they along with the organization “Stand Up For Kids” try to help these homeless kids by organizing events and collecting donations for them.

Help us reach more people

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