Why ‘Darkside of the Sun’ by Tokio Hotel was a creative masterpiece

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‘Darkside of the Sun’ is a song by the rock band Tokio Hotel and it was part of the 2009 album ‘Humanoid’.

A lot of Tokio Hotel songs have futuristic vibes to them, like the track ‘Automatic’ had robots developing intelligence. Humanoid album also had a sci-fi touch to it and was quite futuristic in nature.

The Darkside of the Sun depicted Bill wearing an outfit which had an alien/robotic look to it. So, it kind of gives off a vibe of aliens and robots with artificial intelligence alike.

So, not much is said about what the song is about in general. However, this is my opinion on it. The song depicts a scenario which might take place in the future. Its on the news, TV, internet; people seem to be talking about how A.I might take over.

People feel scared because the robots might pose a threat to their existence and there have been instances where robots with A.I have mentioned terminating the human race.

However, the band looks at it from an optimistic perspective. Its about reassuring people that the end is not near as we might think as we are still alive and we are going to thrive in the future.

This is just my interpretation. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. This review of “Darkside of the Sun” by Tokio Hotel is a fascinating analysis of the song’s meaning and message. It’s always interesting to dive deeper into the lyrics and uncover the underlying themes.

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