How ‘Homecoming’ by Kanye West explains his relationship with Chicago

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Kanye West is among the greatest rappers ever. He is a billionaire and has been in the media quite often recently.

A lot of people might question his character but there is one thing no one can deny which is that he is a phenomenal rapper and music producer.

Homecoming is one of his best songs which he made with Chris Martin from Coldplay. They met in London’s famous Abbey Road Studios in 2006 and in which they recorded the tune for this song.

The song was launched on 18th February 2008 as the twelfth song from his third studio album ‘Graduation’.

Meaning and Explanation

A lot of people think that the song is about a beloved girl named ‘Wendy’ who was perhaps Kanye’s childhood sweet heart. But the song is actually about Chicago as Kanye mentions ‘If you don’t know by now, I’m talking ’bout Chi-Town!’.

Chicago is Kanye’s hometown. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia and after his parents divorced when he was 3, Kanye moved with his mother to Chicago. Through the song, Chicago is personified as Kanye’s love interest.

He calls her Wendy because Chicago is ‘Windy City’. He uses a lot of metaphors like blowing trees and going downtown which makes it seem like its actually about a person.

West sings about how much he loves Chicago and describes his life in Chicago through his lyrics. He talks about how Chicago is a rough city with tough gangsters which is intimidating for outside goons who don’t know about it and act tough in the city.

Chicago has produced a lot of entertainers like Kanye who actually moved out of the city to develop their career. Kanye did the same and moved to LA and that is why she got cold on him during winters.

He knows Chicago is proud of Kanye and wants him to break records. Kanye is probably the biggest artist Chicago has ever produced. People in Chicago try to be like Kanye and create music but most of them just don’t seem to have it like Kanye does.

Kanye often thinks of Chicago and reminisces his time in the city and wants to know if she thinks of him as well.

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