Supplies: Justin Timberlake Song That Had Everyone Intrigued

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Supplies is a song by Justin Timberlake released on 18th January 2018. It was part of the ‘Man of the Woods’ album.

Song Review

Well, Justin has released some of the entertaining videos of all time. He is one of the most charismatic artists I’ve known in the industry. The music video of the ‘Supplies’ is oddly interesting and somewhat weird at the same time. I mean I believe it doesn’t make much sense to some people but I find it quite intriguing.

Well, there are a lot of elements in the music video. The scene starts of with Justin watching several TV screens at the same time. The screens are depicting major occurrences that happened mostly in 2017 mainly based on themes like ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Harvey Weinstein’, ‘Donald Trump’, ‘racism’, ‘immigration’ etc.

After some time, Justin gets up and comes across a woman dressed in black fighting white guys. Could be another subtle reference to racism maybe! Justin’s supposed love interest is played by Eiza Gonzalez Reyna who leaves the scene after punching the white guy.

The most striking scene in the whole video is the pyramid with people bowing down to it. I mean I don’t need to elaborate on this because you most likely know what it is. Eiza moves up to the pyramid and sets it on fire using the Molotov cocktail.

In the next scene, she is seen sitting on a platform with followers whose are motivated by rebellious intentions. For a normal person, this could be about motivating people to oppose the oppressive system. However, I don’t believe Justin has any intentions of leading an uprising against the system simply because he is working for it in the first place.

Justin is joined by Pharrell and others to light up the compound of the Los Angeles Public Library. Meanwhile, Timberlake is moving around at different places with no clear intentions whatsoever but probably to find different places to make love with the woman accompanying him.

At the end of the video, in a scene which depicts a post apocalyptic world we have Justin with a group of kids and Eiza. The kids comes up with a strong message.

‘Just leave. Die already. You’re still asleep. Wake Up. Just leave, please. We’re good.

Kid at the end of the video

Now, it seems the kid is trying to warn us of things that most people are not aware of. Justin is not really known to produce political music videos or some mind boggling stuff for that matter.

Justin is talking about certain sort of supplies he has, implying that he is abundant and can cater to your needs. Is Justin trying to become a revolutionary and save people. I don’t take him seriously in that matter and it might make people aware of certain agendas, however like I said Justin is not the one to be standing up against things like these.

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