The Hills: The Weeknd Song Review and Meaning

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The Hills was released a long time back in 27th May 2015. It is one of the best songs by The Weeknd so I was like lets review this song.

Song Review and Meaning

Well, we have the lyrics in which The Weeknd talks about having an affair with a married woman, who he seems to have met somewhere before. The woman has a husband or could be her boyfriend who is on the road doing ‘promo’.

Given The Weeknd’s status, the girl he is addressing could be another famous celebrity and her original boyfriend could be a celebrity as well which is what is suggested by ‘promo’. Or it could also be a promo of a random product for marketing. That is besides the point.

The girl has formed a physical relationship with The Weeknd. It seems like they are only friends with benefits cause The Weeknd talks about getting her out of the friend zone.

Their relationship has caught attention of her friends and public. ‘The Hills have eyes’ might be referring to life in Hollywood where there are spies all around to notice things you do. Especially, when you have famous personalities like The Weeknd every move of theirs is tracked. But, The Weeknd probably refers to the audience saying who are you to judge what we as celebrities do or not.

Music Video

The music video has a different story altogether. In the music video we see Abel getting out of a car crash along with another young women who seems to be mad at him. He keeps on moving in a straight road until he reaches a house.

He gets inside the house, moves up the stairs and enters a bedroom where we have an old guy sitting with 2 women, one of who was actually initially walking beside The Weeknd after the car crash.

The old dude(in some sources referred to as The D*vil) appears in 2 videos of The Weeknd before- ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ and ‘Tell Your Friends’. In ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ he kickstarted Abel’s career and in ‘Tell Your Friends’, Abel shoots him dead. But, the old guy is not dead and can be seen in the room with an apple in his hand.

So, the idea is that The Weeknd made a deal with the old guy earlier, but now wants to cut him off. He is unable to do so as we can see that the old guy keeps following The Weeknd even after he was buried deep in the sand.

This is my take on ‘The Hills’. Let me know in comments below.

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