Just wanted to thank you all.

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So, as of now there are a lot things that are going on in my head. I started my blog back in 2019 because it was my passion to write about things I was interested in. Also, another reason was that I wanted to convert it into a source of income.

While, I haven’t reached the financial goals that I thought I would, I gained a lot of satisfaction when people appreciated my work. So, a lot of time back I only had my select group of friends that liked my facebook page. But, I noticed that a lot of other people who I didn’t know had started to like the page.

While I started writing on different niches, I did not even have a clear idea of what my direction I should steer my blog to. A lot of time I wrote blogs thinking that I was wasting my time on something which wasn’t valuable. Although, I was somehow interested in doing it. I just felt like it was important for me to keep this going even though it wasn’t producing results that I thought it would.

Blogging was pretty much the only thing that I could think of pursuing outside of my normal work. It was meaningful and fun to do in my opinion.

Even though I may not have been as successful as I thought I would at this point it gave me immense pleasure knowing that there were people who liked what I was writing about.

So, I just wanted to thank everyone who liked my page and also people who have supported me all along. It gave me a lot of motivation to keep going in this direction and I am really grateful for everything that you have done.

Help us reach more people

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