Start some sort of business or a venture if you have time

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Well, this is one advice that I want everyone to have. I mean obviously, it may not apply to everyone. Some people might want to join the army, some might want to pursue meditation and give up worldly desires. Its all fine if that is the case.

But if you are going to a job that is making you unhappy. If you feel unsatisfied with where you are at the moment and want to pursue something meaningful. If you want to become financially independent you must start something of your own. It could be a business, a venture, a passion project or a potential source of income.

These days it is actually very easy to create a business. There are resources all around that you can take advantage of like people you can contact, knowledge you can gain etc.

In my case, while I was thinking of pursuing my passion, I came across the idea of blogging and having my own website. At first, it felt difficult and I thought about letting the idea go. But eventually I began working on it and was able to create a website and write blogs.

Initially, it took time to understand how I would go about creating the website but I joined an offline class where I learnt digital marketing and was able to learn creation of websites.

I may not have been incredibly successful with my blogs but, I was able to start them and keep moving in that direction. I suggest that it is important for you to have some sort of side hustle if you want achieve financial independence. Putting financial independence aside, you will find a sense of purpose when you do a business that you are passionate about.

You see in life, time goes by pretty fast and you don’t want to be spending your time doing something you don’t like. Manage your time and invest it in something constructive. Have faith and don’t give up on your goal.

Anyway, this is my advice. Hope this helps you.

Help us reach more people

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