Parkway Drive: Glitch Song Review, Meaning and Story

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So, Parkway Drive is a metal rock band formed in 2003. Yes, it is quite an old band formed long ago hailing from Byron Bay, Australia. I hadn’t heard of this band for till now, but found it while surfing on youtube.

Personally, I was of the opinion that rock music is no longer relevant and worthwhile and that there aren’t any good bands left barring 2 or 3 that produce good rock music. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find Parkway Drive producing songs as recent as in 2022.

The song ‘Glitch’ was released on 7th June 2022 as part of their seventh album ‘Darker Still’.

Parkway Drive Song Meaning and Review

The song ‘Glitch’ is based on sleep paralysis as explained by the band. It is about the phenomenon that happens when one is not fully awake and not fully asleep at the same time.

Sonically, we aimed to create a dark, heavy, and unnerving journey while still crafting a melody that burrows its way into your mind. Lyrically, the song deals with the phenomenon of night terrors and sleep paralysis. We all know the power our minds possess, but true terror manifests when your mind and all its fears takes physical control of your body. The glitch in your brain, where nightmares and reality cross.

Parkway Drive on ‘Glitch’

The band produced this song for the first time in 4 years. Their album released prior to this was ‘Reverence’ in 2018. The band had been working on producing music during the pandemic and lockdown. Apparently, the solitude helped the band to work on creating new sounds and music.

Everything, to be honest. It’s very interesting sitting back and allowing, I guess, random thought to drive the actual sound and following that thread. Because when you’re constantly on the road, you’re constantly in this media-driven… We’re bombarded with sounds and everything going on within the world, I think it’s taken something like this [coronavirus crisis] to realize the amount of stimulation we have. So when it’s taken away, it gives you kind of an idea to be able to trace where thought patterns are coming from… It’s literally just, ‘Why is my brain attracted to this beat? Why is my brain attracted to this style of vocals? What sound is driving me with this?’ and then following those patterns… I think it’s trying to find a more primal connection to the actual music.

Winston McCall

The song is pretty good as far as the rhythm is concerned. A lot of rock bands are unable to find the right balance between heavy metal sounds, overall rhythm, chorus and the lyrics, however Parkway Drive does a good job in that department. Their sounds, instrumentals and rhythm is clear and effective. The vocals are pretty good and mix well with the song overall.

There are few bands today that are producing good rock music in today’s world. It is good that Parkway Drive is still active and has been working on their craft for nearly twenty years.

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