How to deal with inferiority complex?

Alright guys, I hope you all are doing fine. I know this topic is pretty cliché, but it is a very important one nonetheless. Now, the thing is I believe several people including myself have dealt with feeling inferior or less than at certain times in our life. The thing you should know is where is the inferiority stemming from. What makes you feel like you are less than anyone? Is it because you end up loosing games to them every time you play them? Is it because they seem to perform better at work compared to you. So, in this article we will talk about How to deal with inferiority complex?

How to deal with inferiority complex?

There was one time when I felt inferior to someone. It was when I had lost the first 3 matches of chess against someone in college. The difference in skill was enormous and I felt like I would never be able to reach their level, no matter how hard I tried. But, I challenged that person again after 2 years and I was able to win the 2 matches that I played against her. So, How to deal with inferiority complex?

You don’t loose when your opponent wins against you. You loose when you believe that you can’t win.

Now, the important thing you should know is that you can always win against anyone if you have the perseverance and the determination to do so. You should have faith in yourself and know that you can surpass anyone if you put your mind to it.

However, the important thing here is that it is not about being better than someone or surpassing them. But it is about knowing that you can achieve anything you set your mind to and working towards it. It is about improving yourself and evolving everyday. Life is about evolution and if you are not evolving then you are only wasting time.

Anyway guys, remember your aim should be to improve constantly and learn more and more everyday. Don’t compare yourself to other people, because it is pointless. Human beings are complex individuals and cannot be compared in a definitive manner. Focus on yourself and improve on yourself everyday. That is all you need to know.

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