The Depressing Story behind Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day

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Jesus of Suburbia is the fifth and the final single from the album ‘American Idiot’ by the American hard rock band ‘Green Day’. It is the second song from the album. The song was released on 25th October 2005.

Song Meaning and Explanation

The song elaborates upon the story of St. Jimmy aka Jesus of Suburbia who is an adolescent from a middle class background.

He is hated by his family and friends and is described as an anti hero. The music video shows his background basically where he comes from.

He is add*cted to dr*gs and often has se*ual encounters at parties. He is narrating his story saying that is how he is supposed to be because of the conditions that he has been through.

It broke every rule people thought Green Day were supposed to be. Lyrically, it’s everything about my past, but at the same time, written on the outside as well. That song is like purging everything, throwing it out.

Billie Joe Armstrong

Later on, he talks about hating the city that he is from saying that his heart does not like being there at all. He spends his time reading graffiti on the bathroom walls.

These writings resonate with him at a certain level probably and he also writes his own thoughts on the bathroom wall. He is quite reckless with the way he lives creating a ruckus everywhere that he goes.

Later on, he gets into a fight with a guy on the parking lot because of his girlfriend. He later realizes that his girlfriend is cheating on him and that is when he decides to leave the place.

He cuts his palm to write his name on the wall with his blood referring to the fact that he has masochistic tendencies.

Eventually, he decides to leave the place and move somewhere else. He doesn’t feel any guilt or shame in doing so and he feels like he doesn’t have any other option. So, despite having less clarity as to what the consequences will be, he takes the decision.

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