A look at Carlos Santana and his top 5 songs

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Carlos Santana is among the most influential guitarists of all time. He was the founding member of the rock band ‘Santana’ which was initially ‘Santana Blues Band’ and changed its name to ‘Santana’ after signing with Columbia Records in 1969.

Santana has somehow remained active for a very long time. He has produced several hit songs over the decades and has collaborated with artist like Rob Thomas, Chad Kroeger, Steven Tyler to name a few.

I have always found his music to be interesting and unique. His style of playing the guitar and the overall vibe of Santana’s music is something that is never found anywhere else. Santana was incredibly passionate about playing the guitar which reflected in his music.

With that being said, these are the top 5 songs by Santana in my opinion.

1. Maria Maria (Official Video) ft. The Product G&B

2. Smooth (Stereo) ft. Rob Thomas

3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

4. Just Feel Better (VIDEO) ft. Steven Tyler

5. Into The Night ft. Chad Kroeger

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