What is going on with Lil Nas X?

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Well, Lil Nas X has become quite a figure in the music industry. I mean he is the singer who sang ‘Old Town Road’. That song was an instant hit and has grossed almost a billion views on youtube at this point.

In 2019, Lil Nas X came off as a pretty neutral figure who was here for singing soft country music. Nothing seemed harmful or polarizing about him but off recent the picture has changed dramatically.

Well, just looking at his new videos like Montero, Industry Baby, Thats What I want etc, one will instantly realize that something has gone dramatically wrong. So, if one looks at Lil Nas X’s career one will realize that s*t*nism is actually highly prevalent in the music industry.

Lil Nas X will show literally the most twisted forms of hypers*xualization, gender confusion and overloaded s*t*nism. I mean that is what his music video of Montero all about. Its f*cking disgusting to look at what he is actually doing in the video.

Since then even his other videos are uncomfortable to look at. Considering there are kids going to watch his videos, God save them from getting influenced.

Behind all this madness is a reason. I believe its not Lil Nas X’s idea to produce trash like that but the ones who are deciding what kind of content should they use him to put forward. At the root of it all lies-the so called ‘el*te’ and their agendas.

Its not just the case with Lil Nas X but also other artists who produce stuff like this. Anyway, despite looking at all this there are people who will ignore these things and feel like s*t*nism doesn’t exist.

He is out there promoting s*t*nic shoes known to be containing a drop of human blo*d. In his case, its like they are not even hiding it at this point. Usually music does contain s*t*nism but it is subtle and not that visible in most cases. Montero by Lil Nas X is a trademark video where everything is literally in your face.

How many proofs does the society need at this point?

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