My opinion on High End by Chris Brown featuring Future and Young Thug

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Chris Brown released a song called ‘High End’ featuring Future and Young Thug on 13 October 2017 as part of the ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ album. So, here’s High End Song Review.


One thing most people don’t realize about Chris is that he has always been active on the music front. You can check his YouTube channel, you fill find it filled with music released on a consistent basis. Also, he has close to 25 million subscribers on YouTube.

Despite all of this, the media didn’t pay much attention to him all these years. It almost felt as if he had disappeared from the scene after 2010. His songs have caught attention again as some of them are being used in shorts for YouTube and Instagram.

High End Song Review and Meaning

So, for some reason Chris, Future and Young Thug felt like that their fans didn’t know how cool their lifestyle is and they must prove a point. So, they all decided on one thing show the fans what they are all about, which is money, cars, women, dr*gs and living life on the high end.

Well yeah, that is what most of the song is about – braggadocio something that is pretty much the essence of most rap songs created today.

Apart from that the song is awesome. The beats and instrumentals go hard and the rhythm is amazing. Chris being one of the most charismatic artists in the industry doesn’t disappoint with his dance moves even though they are displayed for a short period of time. Future and Young Thug also chip in talking about their lifestyle which is supposed to be cool and gangster like.

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